Dimash Qudaibergen — Qairan Elim My Reaction

Название: Dimash Qudaibergen — Qairan Elim My Reaction

Категория: Казахские песни

Длительность: 00:09:53

Год: 2023-10-15 07:49:59

Добавил: Monica Reacts

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My reaction to Dimash Qudaibergen — Qairan Elim.

This new music video “Qairan Elim” (“Oh, my holy land!”) has been released on the Dimash’s YouTube channel. The author of the song is a renowned Kazakh composer Renat Gaissin. The lyrics were written by the poets Daniyar Aldabergen and Oral Baysengir.

About Video: ( I had no idea until after I reacted to this song and then found some information about it that the message in this song is to call to all people for good and positive thoughts with how the coronavirus hit and claimed so many people) Yes good and positive thoughts we need now!

This music video is incredibly deep in content, full of tragedy, sincere hope, and an emotionally piercing musical composition. The song “Qairan Elim” is like a prayer in which Dimash shares his personal experiences and his anxiety about the fate of his homeland and the whole world. Part of the idea was influenced by the coronavirus epidemic that hit and claimed millions of lives around the world.

“The song “Qairan Elim” is a message and a call to all people for good, positive thoughts. The belief that we will definitely overcome everything and cope with all ailments. The main thing is to believe in it and remain strong,” Renat Gaissin and Dimash commented.

So powerful and deep lyrics yes we will overcome anything and be stronger than before! I’ve NEVER ever heard such a beautiful voice perfect sounding voice. His music so far hits me so deep had tears throughout song. I’m so hooked now. I wish I knew about Dimash way earlier but I am so happy I know now! Thanks to everyone!

Thank you for all your requests and subscribing to my channel I really appreciate it! Let me know if I get something wrong in the video as it’s my first seeing or hearing the video. 🙂

Original Link to Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K45qdRAIWaM

For more Dimash info see below!
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