Old men high-end audiophiles and crackling vinyl. How do women and men listen to music?

Название: Old men high-end audiophiles and crackling vinyl. How do women and men listen to music?

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Длительность: 00:13:50

Год: 2024-03-28 17:49:48

Добавил: Alex Kokhan

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Women are waiting for new music albums. Why are audiophiles old people and young people music lovers? What is the difference between audiophiles and music lovers? How do tastes for music and hi-fi change with age?
By the age of forty, we understand that we only have old audio recordings left, there will be nothing new that we might like. That’s why we start looking for something new in old music albums. You can find this new one by improving our audio system and finding the best copy of the audio recording.
I think that there are no audiophiles among women because they are optimists, they believe that something good awaits us in the future, for example, a new great music album from Taylor Swift. Instead of listening to performers from the nineties for the hundredth time, it’s better to listen to new talents once.
Over the past couple of decades, audiophilia has become much more accessible and closer to the people. Nowadays you don’t have to be a very rich person to have really high-quality sound in your home.
The easiest place to be an audiophile is in the USA. The equipment is more accessible there for the average buyer. But so-called ordinary Americans have one problem. If audio equipment is available there, then the houses or apartments of ordinary Americans do not allow them to have an impressive audio system or home theater, since in the USA houses are not soundproofed. Good and affordable audio equipment, but houses and apartments are bad and inaccessible. In addition, most Americans live in rented apartments, which often makes it impossible to even think about some kind of audio system or home theater, since the apartment is someone else’s, you are not the boss here, and at any moment you may have to move to another place altogether. But let’s not talk about the bad. Here’s the good stuff.
The final stage of audiophilia is when a venerable old man listens more to the crackle of a vinyl record than to the music itself. I know that soon I myself will receive more pleasure from the rustle of vinyl than from the music itself.

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