DXMN — Death Note

Название: DXMN — Death Note

Категория: Турецкие песни

Длительность: 00:02:14

Год: 2024-04-01 17:00:40

Добавил: Arabic Trap جبهة العربية

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Death Note is best arabic trap music track by Turkish EDM music producer DXMN published on Arabic Trap جبهة العربية music channel. . Track is slowed down and bass boosted. To get full quality sound use best headphones or stereo system with subwoofer (sub woofer). This is car music mix and it is designed to use in a car, so if you are looking for music for car this is exactly what you need. Trap music suits for gaming , sport, training, running, gym, dancing (dance music), clubs (club music), coding and work. This music is best for car drifting, also TikTok (Tik Tok).
Trap is trending music with original sound that everybody is looking for. Our vibes are chill and awesome, enjoy!
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Very beautiful, tender, soulful, sincere, heartwarming and heartful music…

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