lilbubblegum — SCRAPS ON feat. Rico Nasty

Название: lilbubblegum — SCRAPS ON feat. Rico Nasty

Категория: K-Pop песни

Длительность: 00:02:32

Год: 2024-04-12 19:00:26

Добавил: lilbubblegum

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who tryna mosh to this?

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Scraps on, scraps off
Scraps on, scraps off
Scraps on, scraps off
We got em bleeding he might need a tampon
Scraps on, scraps off
Scraps on, scraps off
Scraps on, scraps off
We in the mosh and that boy getting stamped on

Stamped on bitch
Ran on bitch
I’ve been looking for the fucking feds cause my gas on bitch
Bad boy shit
Ricks on kicks
Steady stomping on a motherfucker if they Tyson that shit
Watchu goin do if i pull up no weapons
My fist is my sword and they acting so threatened
I teach em respect so they learning they lesson
Don’t talk about me or you’ll end up on reddit

Tap in, tap out
Start up  the mosh and I make bitches black
She was a hater, she turned to a fan
Purse alligator I’m thumbing through racks
You know my body feet up riding shotty
Tryna keep up, tell these bitches relax
Swipe the amex
Swat em like gnats
Stepping on these bitches paws aww
Man, it must suck to be all yall
Tell that bitch suck on my balls pause
I don’t got those
Pussy too cold
Wrist so froze
Let’s make a toast
I’m in that mode
I cannot fold
Hop out the truck
We let it blow

Rush em they acting so damn hard
Fuck em he rocking that goyard
Run it ur pockets will go far
Empty em all of ur cards
All on that Black af1 type activity
Scamming deez hoes but we do it so civilly
I got three girlfriends I call that the trinity
That’s on the dlow my shit not officially

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