Nevo — Quiet Man [Video Clip / 4K]

Название: Nevo — Quiet Man [Video Clip / 4K]

Категория: Узбекские песни

Длительность: 00:08:03

Год: 2024-05-03 09:30:07

Добавил: Shamanic Tales

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Shamanic Tales welcomes a new member to our tribe — Nevo, with a new two track EP. Imagine a place where darkness reigns, and ancient drums echo through the night. That’s where ‘Born in Babylon’ comes alive. It is a musical journey into one’s soul, split into two worlds. ‘Quiet Man’ is all about introspection and solitude, while ‘Zion’ ignites with fiery rhythms, calling for rebellion. Through Nevo’s eyes, it’s a modern tale of finding meaning in chaos, where rhythm is the guiding light.

Nevo — Quiet Man, released on 03.05.2024. by Shamanic Tales — SHAMAN071

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Shamanic Tales Records is Astrix’s new record label aiming to release Psychedelic Trance and other mind expanding music.

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